Experience Malta

If you like your holiday destinations to be authentic; brimming with history, vibrant culture, flavoursome fresh cuisine – with locals offering genuine warm hospitality then visit Malta. Malta is a Mediterranean and European paradise recognised for its ancient temples, medieval forts, vibrant cultural scene and breathtakingly beautiful beaches and coast.

There’s a reason why Maltese Knights during the 1500’s so fiercely protected our people and palaces increasing the defences to our island’s fortifications. Many of the traditions observed by our ancestors are still passionately celebrated by our islanders today; they are immensely proud of their culture and enjoy sharing these celebrations and events with island visitors. What’s more Malta’s marvellous cuisine incorporates the best of Mediterranean seasonal ingredients with a Sicilian and Arabic twist – a direct result of our chequered colourful history.

Whatever experience you want from a holiday – Malta has it all. Whether wandering around Valletta, enjoying the art, architecture, entertainment and history of our cosmopolitan capital city or immersing yourself in the silent wonder of the historic old town of Mdina. St Julian’s is a bustling port and resort, offering a wealth of entertainment and fine-dining by the sea. And, while we’re on the subject of the sea, if sun and sand are what you are craving, Malta is renowned for having some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean with some of the cleanest waters in the EU. Put simply, Malta has it all and more.