The Island of Gozo

The island of Gozo is just 20 minutes away from Malta by ferry. The ferry service is reliable and frequent running all year round, even during the night. Although Gozo is so close to Malta geographically, it is vastly different—greener, calmer, less populated and mired in myth, legend and tranquillity. Although there is so much to see, Gozo is just 14 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide—making everywhere on the island 15 minutes away, or less, by car.

Gozo is the ideal place to recharge both the body and the mind, and the mood is always serene and calm. It is a laid-back island with modern amenities, transport and accommodation. Warm weather and a mild winter make Gozo an ideal holiday retreat throughout the whole year. The island is a land of mystery, charm, and legend. Its history spans over 7000 years and boasts the world’s oldest man-made free-standing structure, Ġgantija. The very name, Ġgantija (literal translation is of the giants) conjures up the fascinating world of giants and fable.

Gozo has gems like the Citadel in Victoria, Ta’ Pinu church and various other churches. Fungus Rock, the Inland Sea and Ramla l-Ħamra are just some of the other attractions. The views from most of Gozo, which is perched on three hills, are spectacular. Country views of tilled land and vegetation are soothing and calming and the views of Malta and Comino in the distance as well as the open sea are simply captivating.

The cultural side to Gozo is another aspect to discover. Music, opera, festivals, art happenings and folklore events are held regularly. The food experience is a fascinating aspect of Gozo where open-air restaurants and cafés in squares, alleys and other open spaces help give this island in the Mediterranean its grand title of Calypso’s Isle, the great seductress.